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Inspired by the new lifestyle of young families. Life is a journey with different stages. How many people want to have a complete family? It is like kitchen; it is a part of our home whether we use it or not. Mom’s kitchen, where she gives her all to her family, is always full of aroma smell and filled with her loves.

What is our New Generation of Kitchen Upgrading Customization?

It is a creative idea of ‘upgrading and customizing kitchen based on demand’ from MOM-K to fully utilize the 4 systems of kitchen washing, preparation, cooking, and storage.

It is a closed-loop kitchen with multifunction which includes entertainment system, water purification system and intelligent lighting system.

It integrates functions, exists in the way you like and your needs.

It is a kitchen that every mother can customize based on their needs.

Life is full of ideas, it isn’t it?

MOM-K, a new generation of kitchen upgrading customization, enjoy what you want.

Redefine the Kitchen

Simple and Easy

Design with a few simple steps

Price Transparency

Real-time updates on estimated price to give you a clear understanding of your budget.

Fully Customization

Color and size of cabinets are customizable bases on your devices.

Variety of Choices

Choose youe electrical appliances such as stove, sink and other kitchen tools based on your needs. Design your desire kitchen easily.

Asset 4
  • Drawer
  • Swing door
Asset 4
  • Chimney hood
  • Slim hood
Asset 4
  • Swing door
  • Sliding door
Asset 4
  • Black quartz stone
  • Grey quartz stone
  • White quartz stone
Asset 4
  • Electrical hob
  • Traditional hob
Asset 4
  • 80L Oven
  • 120L Oven
  • Microwave
Asset 4
  • Warm light
  • Cool light
Asset 4
  • Single bowl sink
  • Double bowl sink